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"HO" scale Modular Group

The HO scale Modular group, at the time of this writing, has 10 members. This modular setup is based on the NMRA’s (National Model Railroad Association) written standards, for construction, wiring, placement of main tracks, etc. In following the NMRA standards the members can travel to most any train show in Canada or the US and our modules will join up with any other club’s HO modules, who use the same closed system, meaning, it’s a continous running or "loop" system. There is another HO scale modular system that allows you great freedom in modular layouts. It's called "FREE-MO", and you can find out more about it Here

Anyone can become a member of the HO modular group by joining the FMR and building a module, which incidently, one (1) module consists of a pair of 2' x 4' modules. We have a set of standards that govern the building of a module and a written set of guidelines for module ownwers as to what their responsibilities are to their fellow module owners, included with the module specs download.

Before or after you download the specs, talk to some of the module owners to find out more of what is involved in building and owning modules.

For a copy of FMR’s HO modular standards, please click Here to download a .PDF file.

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