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The Club’s members are a diversified group, involved in the different facets of Model Railroading. The experienced members, each bring knowledge and expertise to one or more of these facets - facets such as, but, not limited to; electrical, carpentry, building model structures, scenery and painting, designing a layout, repairing an engine, to using today’s model train technology. However, there are a few members who like Rail-fanning and searching of Railway History and others, that, just enjoy the fellowship.

Of the many different scales and gauges in model railroading, the most popular ones are, HO and N scale. However, some members have “HOn30 (narrow gauge), O, S and Z scale and gauges as well".
1 There’s also 2 modular groups inside the club as well, HO and N scale (EasterN-BeNdRRs).2

As of this writing, we host 2 events during the year, One of which is our annual train show, held on the first Saturday of December, the other is our Christmas dinner, which, usually happens about a week after the show. From time to time we’re also invited to participate in different venues, either inside or outside, the greater Fredericton area.

The members are very willing to help new members get started, or, solve problems along the way, So, if you're new to the hobby, currently a modeller, or, just want to share some time with people of similar interest, then please consider joining the
Fredericton Model Railroaders and be part of the Worlds Greatest Hobby.

1For more information on the scales and gauges click Here.
2For more information on the modular groups click Here

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