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The "N" scale modular group, called the "EasterN BeNdRRs" (EB) (pron. Eastern N Benders), is an N Scale group of Model Railroaders in Atlantic Canada, who promote the The “BendTrack” system for N Scale Model Railroading.

BendTrack is a National organization of modular model railroading with groups across North America. It was conceived in 1986 then expanded, first, to a National modular system, then into what it is today, a modular system adopted by N scale modellers in the US and Canada.

Unlike traditional modular systems, such as our HO modular layout, The BendTrack system accommodates an almost limitless variety of different shapes of modules to make up it's system, and that’s one of it’s greatest advantages. Each time it’s set up it can be totally different from the time before, which, is not possible with some of the other Modular systems.

One of the most prominent EB members is also a member of FMR. The member participates in all FMR activities with his large N Scale layout, plus, he attends other shows throughout the Maritimes as an EB member. With the size of his modular setup and his running of 100+ car trains, he’s actually a show on his own. EB's are very open to new members and would welcome the chance to add someone knew to their hobby.

For more detailed information on the EasterN BeNdRRs modular group, please follow this Link

To find out more on the Bend Track modular system, please follow this Link

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