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Those who have worked at Train Shows are familiar with the endless stream of questions from people about the Hobby and where can they buy this or that, but mainly, they want to start, but, don’t know how. Well, help is definitely at hand.

Initiated in 2001, the Worlds Greatest HobbySM is an advertising and public relations effort to promote the hobby of model railroading. With the primary goal of building awareness about the hobby, the campaign seeks to educate the public about the joys of model railroading.

This effort has grown to include active support from every aspect of the industry, including many of the worlds top MR Manufacturers as well as, the Model Railroad Industry Association, plus, individual hobbyists and members of organized and not so organized clubs and groups

Around 2005, some of the Model Railroading Industry leaders donated the funds to create a Worlds Greatest Hobby DVD titled "Building your first model railroad”. It was distributed through the WGH and Con-Cor Trains (Con-Cor International) of Tucson, Arizona, (a member Sponsor of the WGH). However, and for whatever the reasons, this excellent Video became unavailable, but now, thanks to WGH and their sponsors, the website has evolved into the “Go-To” site for anyone wanting to build their first model railroad.

The site has everything thing a person needs to know, that doesn't know, about the do's and donts of designing, building, wiring, laying track and turnouts, scenic materials, etc., etc. You dont have to nor should you build a big layout, at first, anyway. Whatever scale you choose to model in, will dictate how small your first layout can be. We would recommend that you start out with either one of the most popular scales, #1 HO scale, or, #2 N scale, at first. There is a vast amount of items available for these 2 scales.

Every company connected to the WGH are top of the line companies, leaders in the Model Railroad Industry. So, you can’t go wrong in using the information they have on their site, but, if you do run into a problem, our club members are here to help you. It's what we do.

The World's Greatest Hobby Mission Statement

The World's Greatest Hobby, Inc. (WGH) is a non-profit educational program to promote the enjoyment and benefits of model railroading. The WGH goal is to provide both the information and inspiration to help YOU become a model railroad hobbyist. We invite you to explore this site's resource links, download free content, watch our instructional videos, or visit us at one of our upcoming fun-for-the-family shows, the "World's Greatest Hobby On Tour." We hope to count on you soon as a friend in model railroading, the World's Greatest Hobby!

Visit and Bookmark the "Worlds Greatest Hobby" website by clicking Here.

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